Monday, October 13, 2014

My rules for a jhilimili life.

1. Never stop using words like jhilimili. (Nepali word for vibrant or shiny, not normally used as an adjective describing 'life')
2. 5-10 people will always matter. Identify them. Everybody else is a temporary, pleasant surprise.
3. Some yodeling will make any situation seem lighter. Bonus if you know who Kishore Kumar is and are singing-along to one of his songs.
4. Live, let live and drink lots of water.
5.Hear no gossip, speak no gossip and see nothing that could possibly create gossip.
6. "Stuff?" You've got enough. Stop buying things you do not need.
7. Dumbledore was quirky too. Embrace your quirkiness.
8. Always floss.
9. Keep your back straight and your chin up.
10. Always pet a dog that approaches you unless it looks like it wants to kill you. You will know when it wants to kill you.
11. Touch flower petals, unless you are allergic to pollen.
12. Dancing in the rain is overrated and over popularized by Rom-coms. Take a nice, long shower instead. This way you also get to control the  water temperature and the water pressure.
14. Please choose sleep over reading random blogs/articles on the internet.
15. Take number six on this list very very seriously. It will save your life and possibly your soul.
16 Always drink your water slowly and deliberately. It calms you down and helps you think.

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